Sewer lines are responsible for all water flow coming in and out of your house. Every time you use water in your home – your sewer line is working behind the scenes to ensure your waste water is properly directed out of your home.

With summer officially here, we can expect that that the rapidly rising warm air, accompanied with the added moister will create some summer showers. Keep in mind that there are areas of the city that are prone to excessive water which can get into your sewer pipes and cause your sewer line to back up.

The city of Greater Sudbury currently holds funding offering Sudbury residents subsidies on their preventative plumbing needs. This offers a great opportunity to homeowners in the Greater Sudbury Area to update their sewage system before they face a serious issue. As stated on the city’s website “The City of Greater Sudbury’s preventative plumbing program was introduced following an intense rainstorm in 2009 that resulted in widespread flooding…” It is also stated that there is limited funding available which will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

GSP encourages you visit the cities website: and review the eligibility requirements. If you qualify you can fill out an application and submit it for approval. OR call GSP and speak with one of our Plumbing Experts directly. Ask for a copy of the application, while you get a quote completed. Call: 705-806-7473 (PIPE) before the city’s funding is exhausted!