Sump Pump Protection Plan

At Greater Sudbury Plumbing (GSP) we pride ourselves in using quality products with our high level of service while being able to offer customers inexpensive plumbing solutions. GSP stands behind our services as well as what we install in your home. That is why we offer a Sump Pump Protection Plan allowing our customers to relax knowing that their sump pump is covered. GSP has partnered with Liberty Pumps to be able to offer you peace of mind. This partnership allows GSP to pass our savings from Liberty on to our customers. It also gives us access to products that relieve the stress of a flooded basement. Are you afraid to leave out of town because your sump pump might fail? Don’t be, because we have a product that we can install in your home that notifies your plumber if your sump basin begins to fill with water. Does your sum pump constantly brake and in need of replacement? With the Sump Pump Protection Plan you won’t need to pay because your sump pump is covered…parts and labor! If you are interested call GSP today to find out about our products and services, don’t wait until your basement is flooded and it’s too late.


At Greater Sudbury Plumbing (GSP) we are familiar with installing and repairing all major brands and products on the market. We also carry a number of products in stock in order to serve our customers on a timely basis. With our relationship with most major manufactures, GSP is able to offer those top of the line products at good value. This means we can offer quality products and get them installed by quality licensed plumbers with a workmanship guarantee. At GSP we ensure that our customers understand what is being installed in their home. This usually entails how to properly maintain the product as well as the features the product may have. GSP can solve all your plumbing needs from sinks to showers and faucets to tubs and help find a style and quality that suits you best.

GSP has installed many products in new and custom homes. With that experience in mind our plumbers can help you find a design that fits your space and matches your creativity and expectations. If you are planning a big renovation in your bathroom or a custom kitchen, our plumbers can help design where the plumbing aspects of the job would suit you best. When doing a large upgrade in a kitchen you may want to add in new appliances like a dishwasher or a new fridge with an attached water system. The location of these appliances should be considered by a professional so your kitchen turns out like the one in your plans. This is why you should call a licensed plumber before doing any major upgrades so we can make sure the installation of your appliances goes smoothly. You may have all the right products but you should also make sure you have all the right people working on it and at GSP, all the right people are a phone call away.