Specialty Plumbing Services

For those jobs that other plumbers won’t take or may not be best suited to fit your needs, here at Greater Sudbury Plumbing our technicians are more than happy to help. Some plumbing jobs require more specific expertise then others. You can feel comfortable knowing that our technicians have served this community and its outlying areas long enough to know how to handle those distinct jobs.

Cottage and Camps

Every cottage owner should have a reliable, 24/7 emergency plumber on speed dial, especially out at camp. If your only toilet is clogged or your lines are frozen out at camp this can mean a ruined retreat. Our plumbers can address these problems and make sure you can get back to enjoying your home away from home. We can also assist you in winterizing your camp before the snow flies so you can avoid further problems in the future.

Private Water Distribution Systems

If you get your water from a well or lake that means you have a plumbing system in place specially designed for this purpose. These systems can be complicated to some people due to the different aspects of this system. GSP is well versed in this method of obtaining water and can assist with any problems associated with your system. From the waterlines to the pumps and pressure tanks our technicians are qualified to repair and replace your system.

Sewage Lift Stations and Macerating Toilets

If you have a sewage lift station on your property, it may be difficult to find qualified plumbers to service it for you. The installation and service of these stations can be done by our experienced plumbers without delay. If you find yourself in a situation where a lift station or macerating toilet is needed in your home then GSP can help. We can find you the products and have a certified plumber to install them as well. Call us today to find out if you may need one of these products or if you need one serviced because our plumbers are ready to help.