Seasonal preventative maintenance is always highly recommended by our Plumbing Experts. Here is a quick list you can do at home yourself.__Check For Dripping Faucets__Check For Slow Draining Sinks / Bathtubs__Clean Away* Mineral-Build Up All Faucets / Shower Heads

*If your plumbing fixtures are suffering from hard water stains – you may need to use a specialty cleaning product.* If you cannot remove the stains, it may be time to replace your fixtures. *Adding new fixtures are a budget friendly way of upgrading your bathroom or kitchen.  – Check out GSP on Pinterest for ideas! 

__Flush All toilets – Make Sure They Flush Properly

__Ensure You Have Filters Over All Drains

__Ensure You Have Screens Over All Faucets

__Check Your Water Meter for Plumbing leaks*

*If the triangular shaped flow indicator on the water meter is turning when water isn’t running in the house, you’ve got a leak.

__Using an enzyme additive on a regular basis – this will help clean your septic system.

__Schedule regular inspections by a professional plumber. Annual inspections are recommended. 

__Do not plant trees or other types of shrubbery with long roots near the sewer line.

__Have the sewer line cleaned annually.
(This is recommended if you have had ever had previous sewer backups.)

If you suspect any problems with your Septic System Call 24/7 to speak directly with a Plumbing Expert: 705-806-(PIPE)

GSP takes great pride in offering the best service and expertise to our customers 24/7. Always offering regular rates no matter the day or hour!